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History of Our School

Education in New Liskeard first started during the spring of 1895. At this time a sixteen by twenty foot building was erected on May St. This building was to serve as the all denomination church, public library, Town Hall and court house. At this time there were five students on the roll. 
From 1895 t0 1905 the school outgrew its original building and a new build just a few years prior. In 1905, the New Liskeard School Board decided to build the present New Liskeard Public School. It was with this building that New Liskeard High School had it's beginning. 
In 1918, the School Board obtained a building on Niven Street which had previously been used by the Department of Agriculture. This building was used as a Continuation school and in 1924 an addition was added to formally open New Liskeard High School. Today, remnants of these original structures still exist and are visible in the basement and back equipment room in gym 150. 
In 1953, a modern section was added with industrial arts and a new office (current guidance office). This was followed by a major renovation in 1968, which saw the addition of the present office/library and a two-story addition was built on and around the site. 
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